Murder Between Realms

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Murder Between Realms

We all love sweeping fantasy stories, and the worlds they take us to. We also love a murder mystery whodunnit. What if we combined the two? Agatha Christie meets Tolkien? Knives Out vs Game of Thrones?

Put them all in a grinder, and Murder Between Realms is the story that emerges.

Two kingdoms, Hauvnath and Dimyrr, divided by a natural border, the Kosolm Mountains. Nestled in the lowest peak is The Zenith, an old fortress turned small, harmonious community and gateway between the two realms for all walks of life.

A murdered girl changed all of that.

The governing body, the Caucus of Prefects elect an outsider, a shy eremite named Gnaut, to solve this unprecedented murder. Gnaut is merely a visitor to the Zenith, skeptical of his own abilities, but he reluctantly accepts the task.

After a high-ranking Prefect, as well as friend and advocate for Gnaut, is also found murdered, Gnaut orders The Zenith’s gates to be locked, keeping the killer inside among innocent citizens. With his mentor and safety net now dead Gnaut must rise to the challenge of seeking the truth from citizens reluctant to help before there is a next victim.

When he is unexpectedly taken to Keeper’s Peak, the highest mountain in the land, Gnaut meets Laga, a wyvern who witnessed the crime from the skies and home to two other wyverns. He flies to the fabled Rune Cliff to find answers among the history carved into the rock by the Gods. To his horror, Gnaut learns his decision to put the city on lockdown has trapped the last descendant of the living Gods inside The Zenith’s walls He further learns the monarchs of both kingdoms have discovered that the divine being is trapped inside and are marching toward the citadel. One kingdom wanting to claim the living God, the other to defend her. Solving this case is the only path to peace.

Gnaut returns to the Zenith, intent on revealing the murderer, saving the living God, and preventing war from breaking out for the first time in centuries. With so much at stake, including his own life, Gnaut’s greatest fear is the truth itself.

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